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There are always limits, and there are always opportunities....

The ones we rehearse and focus on are the ones that shape our attitude and our actions

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Life's An Adventure Book...

From starting as a coffee boy in a recording studio at 16 to a best selling fine art photographer in 2014, to opening his own galleries. Michael is also a successful musician, successful studio mix engineer, public speaker, life coach, and Director of Training and Development and a Product Manager for one of the world's largest audio software companies. And now he is now adding author to his to-do list.

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OK Here Goes..

I wrote this book because I have heard people say the same thing for years. "I wish I could do what you do", or words to that effect. There is nothing special about me. I'm just like anyone else. The only exception is that I've got used to saying fuck it what's the worst that could happen before I dive into another life adventure. You have to take risks in life to get ahead, but no one said those risks had to be huge every time. I am not a fan of the hustlers who try and convince people their lives aren't complete unless they are huge risk-takers and working 20 hours a day. It's just not true. It's not required to be happy, and it's certainly not required to gain some satisfaction and pride in your life.

My messages in this book will help guide readers to a happier existence doing something more aligned with what they want to do. Baby steps. No cliffs to jump off. F*ck that.
Michael Pearson-Adams



Sell your bed, and buy this book.

I can divide people into two categories. First there are those who suck every ounce of energy out of you, drag you down, and can find a reason to avoid doing anything. Then there are those who when they walk into a room and it lights up, you smile and know everything is going to be OK. When MPA arrives in a room it's like standing in front of the Sun. His energy is contagious, his ideas relentless, his execution of them is excellent. Sell your bed and buy this book.
Russ Hughes (Million Dollar Blogger, and Managing Director of Sociatech

When Michael says Ready, Set, Go? I'm in!

Over the last 20 years I've witnessed Michael transform his professional and personal life in what looked like a series of cliffhangers where the hero always beat the odds and managed to come out on top. He defines the phrase "how to pivot" more than anyone else I've ever known and his process is both informative and inspirational. When Michael says Ready, Set, Go? I'm in!

Jeremy Harding (Online Entrepreneur Music Producer, former manager of Grammy winner Sean

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